3rd meeting in Turkey

Between Wednesday 16/11/2016 and Saturday 19/11/2016 the third project meeting was conducted in the premises of Anamur District Directorate of National Education , and in the premises of Zehra Marulyalı Sports Club in Anamur, Turkey.

The meeting was developed in accordance with the previously established agenda, and its aims were: ⇒ Revision of the workplan ⇒ Revision of the task/project updates from team ⇒ Revision of the responsibilities of the project team ⇒ Revision of documented action items ⇒ Revision of the intellectual outputs ⇒ Monitoring/progress results ⇒ E-twinning Project Activities ⇒ Discussion of dissemination issues ⇒ Discussion of milestones ⇒ To improve the cooperation between partners