ESE-project platfrom report

The moodle platform renewed so that new WEB2.0 tools ,which give the possibility to educators to make the things the produce in more dynamic forms, can be embodied. The renewal and maintenance of the learning platform is a constant and dynamic procedure and will continue at least until the end of the project in order to embody the new capabilities offered by the international community of an Open Source software , like moodle.. The activity is active until the end of the project.


Production of all learning/teaching materials to upload on the moodle platform is still being continued as segragatedsegregated into school years from lower secondary to upper secondary level of education as there are exams at the end of the years of 8th and 12 th grade students. The materials have been meant as revision tasks to foster the key competences of the students and prepare them for the final exams.
Currently, were assigned to produce materials of the subjects they are teaching that will be uploaded in the e-learning platform. For the assigned teachers workshops organised by the National Education Directorate and the materials are currently have been designed for pupils of secondary education in order to support and motivate teachers to acquire key competences, update their digital competences and ICT skills and be active lifelong learners
The materials are created with in the frame of a common lesson plan and course model used as a pattern including revision exercises, mock tests with elaborated answers, presentation of the most difficult parts of material enriched by interactive and multi media tools. The courses to be created and uploaded under the current activity were decided as Science,ICT and literature. As our project is a continuous process it was also decided to include courses according to the needs of the students under Social Sciences category at the beginning of new educational year 2016-2017.
56 Users have been registered and produced material in the platform so far